Romancing the Age: A Sexual Revolution


Do you remember the first time you went on a date or experienced your first passionate kiss? Did you appreciate the pleasurable and romantic aspect of it?

While today’s provocative presentation of sensuous love-making in the media leaves little to the imagination, it is amusing to learn how the early days of courtship were displayed in the New World and how they evolved in Modern America.

During colonial times, courtship and marriage added a touch of romance to the wilderness. For example, a young, robust man in his early twenties, after spending an enormous amount of time in the wilderness, might amass a small fortune from the sale of his furs. Satisfied with his venture, he returned to his village, ready to buy land, and find a fledgling maiden with whom he might settle down. This was not difficult, since the village was small and the inhabitants that lived there were either related or closely acquainted. With money in hand, the young man promised a secure future for someone’s daughter.

As the young man walked about the village, his eyes swept over the sun warmed land he wished to purchase. Suddenly a young maiden, whom he had not seen before, emerged from one of the nearby houses, distracting him. He was instantly smitten by her, by her tall, slender figure and ravishing beauty. As much as he resisted, his eyes kept wandering back to her. She sensed the strength of his gaze, turned her head and their eyes locked.

There he stood in front of her, displaying a bright, friendly smile, wavy brown hair just at his shoulders and that muscular physique. She found him to be irresistible, which made her heart begin to pound, her cheeks flushed to a rosy color. The young swain determined to win her affection and make her his wife, approached the young maiden, proclaiming his love and his intentions with her.

Although parental authoritarianism existed during the colonial days, when it came to falling in love, the young maidens would exert considerable independence. She liked what she saw, and was just as determined as he was. She asked him to meet her parents. This was an English custom that prevailed throughout the colonies, which the approval of the parents should be obtained before the courtship would continue. The continuation of Courtship led to marriage and children.

Since the houses were small in the village, the fireplace and kitchen seemed to be the nucleus of family life. The pride of the house would be the dominant four-posted family bedstead. At the fireplace, where everyone would gather to feel its warmth, especially in the winter, the master of the house would smoke his pipe, tell stories, or read from the old Bible. Although it was alleged that couples in courtship would have the benefit of a six-foot long wooden tube, called a “courting stick,” so they could whisper sweet nothings to each other under the careful observation of the parents, “bundling” was the rage of those times. It was an English custom practiced in Colonial America during the 1600′s, rampant all along the Atlantic coast. The practice of this custom was also used by the Dutch, and would be limited to wintertime.

Bundling allowed the courting couples to get into bed together, fully clothed, except for their shoes. A quilt or blanket would be tied over the girl’s legs. A bundling board would be placed between the courting couple as a precautionary measure by the careful parents. This allowed the couple to have their privacy, they could engage in a dialogue, friendly kissing, and fondling one another in the warmth and safe confines of the girl’s family home, always under the mother’s watchful eyes, ensuring that no sexual intercourse would take place. Because it was so cold in the small colonial houses, this was the only way the couple could keep warm, and at the same time, have some sort of privacy, even though the girl’s family would also be in the same room, clustered around the fireplace.

The Victorian Era (1837-1901) was a period of true passion, and offered striking expressions of love. The moonlight walks and whispered words of affection revealed a romantic love which was an essential element for marital success. Courting began to adopt a more precise and formal nature, especially amongst influential society.

Most of the courting would take place in the girl’s home, under the eye of her watchful parents. Although having a chaperon was not widely practiced in the United States, at the end of the nineteenth century, notable aristocratic families demanded it, therefore, couples were never allowed to be alone with each other without the presence of a companion until their engagement. The chaperon, acting the part of the mother, accompanied her young lady everywhere, going with her to all the balls, dinners, and especially to the theater parties. All in her efforts to protect the naive girl from the dangers of being sexually exploited.

After the Civil War, the presence of a chaperon began to decline, and the young 19th century couples were able to enjoy their moments of intimacy without supervision. This was acceptable in the northern part of America, but not so in the South. Marriage was the ultimate goal for the young ladies of high society in the South. The gentlemen viewed marriage as a business deal, a commodity to be gained, which he would use to his fullest benefit. In order to ensure that the marriage would be a worthwhile investment for both, bank accounts and familial lineages were to be presented as a preliminary requirement to courtship approval. Few of these marriages ever started with love, and as the years went by, many of the couples would become quite fond of each other, which sometimes resulted in a strong bond, almost as powerful as love.

In the later part of the 19th century, same-sex relationships flourished. Casual romantic liaisons existed between unmarried women, especially among female college students.

The 20th century erupted with a forceful roar, pulverizing previous sex standards and patterns, with respect to American courtship norms, while introducing a modern understanding of sexual freedom and the nature of life among women and young people. America’s social scene was changing at a rapid pace, especially in the 1920′s. It was a remarkable, dramatic era in all aspects. The economy was in an upswing after World War I; there was uncontrollable wasteful spending and massive profiteering. The automobile was one of the leading consumer products of the 1920′s. It was a decade distinguished by creative people and their famous works, and their dangerous. Sinclair Lewis, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Etc., they all lived large and fast and wrote sorrowful, poignant tales, so true to life. Gangsterism was dominant, with its fast cars, machine guns, prostitution, and gambling, bootleg booze and corrupt officials. It was a decade granting full woman suffrage in all states of the U.S.

It was also the start of the Harlem Renaissance.

Most importantly, it was the decade of the revolutionary Flapper girl, throwing off her chains of restriction, demanding sexual and personal liberation. She was the original free spirit, the modern woman, who smoked in public, lived on her own, voted, drank booze with the boys, danced, and bobbed her hair. She also wore cosmetics, painted her lips bright red, and went to wild petting parties where she was sexually promiscuous. The Flapper defied all the rules of acceptable feminine behavior, God bless her. She rebelled against corsets by flattening her chest with strips of cloth, giving herself a boyish look.

Courtship or dating began to change with the 1920s. Kissing and fondling were no longer preliminaries to marriage, but indulgent for fun and pleasure. By the 1920s, girls were known to say “they were going all the way, and men were already calling condoms rubbers. “There was little regard for parental consent. Necking and petting were major factors in the courtship or dating trend.

Necking involved, passionate caresses to the neck, lips and ears, leaving visible red marks, called “hickies.” Petting involved other sexual sensitive areas of the body, although fully clothed. The romanticism of courtship was now replaced by the act of instant gratification. Dating eventually would lead to substantial intimacies for some couples. So while nice boys and girls were courting, others were having sex.

The 40′s and 50′s exhibited a greater aspect of sexual intimacy. After World War II, there were many job opportunities resulting from economic prosperity. This allowed the men to earn and spend more. So when a man asked a girl out on a date, he would end up paying for the entertainment, refreshments and transportation. Naturally the more he spent on his date, the more he expected as a return on his investment, so he treated her like a commodity. With the 60′s came the accessibility of the birth control pill, sexual changes, and the Stonewall Police Riot in 1969. This was not only the true turning point for the gay rights movement, but, was the emergence of a new concept of gay identity known as: “Gay Pride versus the closet.”

Thus the sexual revolution began. Women stood up for their rights. Minorities stood up for their rights. Gays stood up for their rights. Peaceful protesters were killed at Universities. It was awkward, but people stood up for their rights.

It’s funny adolescence is awkward, but that’s where you discover your sexuality. Nonetheless, the protests in the 60′s were awkward. Perhaps that was America discovering its sexuality; feeling its oats after 200 years.

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Understanding HIV – Sexually Transmitted Diseases

According to the healthcare consultants, HIV sexually transmitted disease is spreading rapidly among people in different countries. If guys don’t take the proper care in time, this HIV sexually transmitted disease will overtake other diseases and myriad people will be affected by this disease. In past, the number of the HIV affected patients was very limited but in recent times there is a sudden rise in the percentage of HIV affected guys. It is a matter of grave concern and you should be much more cautious about the devastating side effects of HIV sexually transmitted disease.

The United Nations AIDS Program made an official declaration in 2003 regarding the severe negative impact of HIV on the human beings. Their reports have confirmed that over 40 million patients are under the risk of HIV related disease.50% women are severely affected by this HIV. For this reason, you must take some extra pre emptive measures to find the solution to the problem. A healthcare organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in America, has also claimed that the HIV is fast becoming a threat to young generation in America. The experts have warned people against the destructive impact of this sexually transmitted disease.

In America, lesbians and gays suffer from the HIV disease. To find the cause of the disease, the experts have stated clearly that HIV occurs due to the unsafe sex. The massive and non stop anal sex and group sex will boost up the occurrence of the HIV disease. There are other causes as well. If mother is infected by this HIV, the new born baby will receive the disease through breast milk. On the other hand, if you use the needles which have already been used by HIV infected guys, you will be surely affected by HIV.

The blood transmission is another prominent cause of the spread of the HIV into the body. For instance, if you are an HIV affected patient, you should not donate your blood to your wife or kids as your HIV infected blood will cause a lot of destruction to the health of your kids and mother. You should be familiar with a number of symptoms of HIV.

If you find that you suffer from the flu, strong or mild headache, bulging of lymph glands, pain in different muscles and mental stress, you need to go to the STD clinic for testing your body. Doctors will examine the symptoms to decide whether you are under the onset of HIV virus. They will perform a number of clinical procedures to detect HIV. HIV mainly injures CD4 cellular structure in your body. It can be embedded in your body for many years. Due to the infection of T4 cells, there will be chance of the occurrence of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome in the human body,.

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Interiew with Aline Zoldbrod, Author of “Sex Smart: How Your Childhood Shaped Your Sexual Life”

We are pleased to have Aline with us today as she gives as insight on how non-sexual family of origin issues form a persons sexuality.

Irene: Aline, your book “Sex Smart” is a book like none other. Please tell our audience what your book is about.

Aline: “SexSmart: How Your Childhood Shaped Your Sexual Life and What to Do About It” explodes the myth that sexual development is simple and Straight forward. SexSmart’s central message is that healthy sexual development actually is quite varied and complicated. We each come to our adult sexuality having walked down our own special path. And many families in which there was no specific, sexual abuse actually do cause profound damage to childrens’ developing sexuality.

SexSmart explains how the way you were raised in your family– whether you were touched nicely or cruelly or not at all, whether you could depend on your parents to take care of you, whether you got empathy, whether you trusted your parents and your siblings, what the power relationships were, and even whether you were encouraged to have friends–all deeply affect whether you will be able to enjoy sexual pleasure, and also whether you will feel safe being sexual with someone to whom you are emotionally attached. In SexSmart I describe fourteen “Milestones of Sexual Development.”

Irene: How does whether or not you got empathy from your parents have any bearing on sexuality?

Aline: Good parents are empathetic. They let themselves feel what their child is feeling, and then they respond to what the child needs. The more that the child sees that parents will respond to her needs, the more the child trusts that the energy expended to communicate is worth the effort. And so trust, and communication skills, build.

People who did not receive empathy from their parents have many problems with sexual(and emotional) relationships as adults. For instance, if you didn’t get empathy, you might be deeply afraid of getting hurt, so you may avoid getting into relationships altogether. You may be lacking in practice in communicating, or believe that it is pointless to talk about what you want (since you believe no one cares about how you feel.) So if you then do get into a sexual relationship, it is difficult for you to talk about your sexual likes and dislikes, or even to talk about it when a particular sexual activity is causing you anxiety, discomfort or pain.

If an unempathic parent was neglectful or abusive, there is a good chance that you will be chronically tense. If you can’t let yourself relax and be soothed, by definition, you will not be able to enjoy sexual pleasure in the context of a tender, steady relationship.
(You may still be able to enjoy the excitement of a new, lust-filled one, though.)

Irene: What inspired you to write this book?

Aline: Being able to have a sexual bond with a beloved partner is one of the great joys of life. It’s a spiritual, deep, health-giving experience. Sex shouldn’t be a source of anxiety, doubt, shame, or pain. It saddens me that so many people haven’t experienced their sexuality as a force for good in their life. I believe that reading and working through SexSmart can be a path to sexual enlightenment and sexual freedom for many people. As a sex therapist, I have met and helped hundreds and hundreds of men and women who are unhappy with their sexual selves. But as an author, I can help people I never even met.

There are so many women and men in America and in the world who do not enjoy being sexual. They don’t enjoy feeling sexual as a solo activity, and they don’t feel safe and comfortable being sexual with a partner. Some of them feel guilty. Some of them experience sex as needing to be a perfect performance each time, which spoils it. Some of them have sexual dysfunctions caused by anxiety and lack of education. And some had childhoods that were flawed in such a way that they literally do not know what it feels like to experience sexual tinglings and urgings in their own body.

You would be surprised to know how many people think that in reality, sexuality isn’t that great, that sexual pleasure is nothing much, and that all the emphasis on sex is a big media hoax! I hope that readers will use SexSmart as a map, guiding them to un-do the damage suffered by growing up in a dysfunctional family.

Irene: Why would some people think that sex is a big media hoax?

Aline: Each of us only knows the experience we have in our own body. People who have never experienced sexual pleasure in their own bodies have no reason to believe other people who insist that sex feels great.

There are large numbers of people who never learned that any kind of touch feels good. Many people grew up in “good” families with parents who were responsible, but unaffectionate. So they don’t unconsciously or consciously link touch and love. Others grew up with parents who were unbelievably anxious, and they absorbed so much anxiety from their parents’ touch that they associate touch with anxiety.

Far too many people grew up in families where they witnessed or experienced violence, which is devastating to sexuality. Witnessing or experiencing violence alters one’s feelings about being safe in one’s own body. I believe it can be as negative an experience, sexually, as some kinds of sexual abuse. Witnessing or being the direct victim of violence in your family teaches you that it’s not safe to love or trust. It teaches you that it’s not a good idea to ever let down your guard emotionally. It literally changes people’s “BodyMaps” so that it becomes impossible to relax, let go of control, and allow another person to pleasure you. The body remembers! If you were slapped in the face, for instance, you might flinch when someone you love tries to caress your face. If you came from a physically violent family, you can learn to experience sexual pleasure. But to do so, you have to process what happened to you, not minimize it.

Think of your associations to touch and trust as the first step in a
cascade of good physical and emotional associations you must feel first in your body before you can feel the building up of sexual arousal:

love=> touch => trust=> love=> safety=> drift=> float

love=> touch => trust=> love=> safety=> drift=> float => AROUSAL

Consistent, good experience with loving touch helps you to make
crucial links which you need. You need to be able to link love with touch, and touch with safety. If you can’t make these associations, you need to re-learn touch. Otherwise, you may never experience sex as pleasurable.

Irene: You claim that “sexual abuse” can happen in families in where there was not, literally, sex abuse. Please explain what that means.

Aline: Most people have an inadequate, shallow sense of what the building blocks of healthy sexuality are. Healthy sexuality is not based just in what you were told about sex, or in your appropriate or inappropriate sexual experiences in your family. It’s about what you witnessed and learned in your family about trust, safety, touch, gender relationships, anxiety, power, self worth, your body, and friendship. One basic motivation to be sexual comes from what you learned about being in relationship to another person. Was it worth getting close to another human being emotionally, let alone sexually?

People completely underestimate the effects of neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, or having an alcoholic or drug addicted parent on their sexuality. I have begun to call these other kinds of abuse “non sexual abuse.”

Sexual abuse is a horrible thing. However, I am certain that in terms of numbers of people affected, more people in America have sexual issues caused by growing up in families in which there was NON-SEXUAL abuse–such as lack of loving touch, alcoholism or drug abuse, physical violence, emotional abuse, or neglect–than were hurt by actual sexual abuse.

Irene: What would be some sexual issues that are caused by, what you say, “non-sexual abuse”?

Aline: Well, as an example, let me just pick the Milestone of Touch, and show you two lists from SexSmart. Readers should ask themselves what are their associations to touch.
You can’t enjoy sex if you don’t like touch. I like to say that touch is the “Ground Zero” of sexuality. People who had a good experience with touch have wonderful associations to touch.

Here are some good associations from my patients. Touch equals: pleasure, relaxation, fun, softness, good memories, comfort, normal, help, connection, I’m worth touching, calming, indulgence, massage, deep breathing, good mother, good father, sensuality, a worthwhile activity, good sexual memories.
good sexual memories

Contrast this to the associations to touch that people have when there was lack of affection, neglect, or violence. Touch equals: fear, controlling, out of control, awkward, pain, numb, tense/anxiety, guilt, startle response, bad memories, discomfort, weird, danger, confusion, what does this mean?, jumpy, is this proper? Uptight, holding breath, no mother, bad mother, no father, bad father, boring, a waste of time, no sexual memories.

Irene: Your hope is that people who read “Sex Smart” will see themselves in the book, or that some of the information will speak to them. What particular areas do you feel are the most important for the readers to relate to.

Aline: It’s funny. I have to say that every person reading SexSmart responds to different pieces of it. SexSmart discusses sexual development sequentially, beginning with birth and going through my fourteen Milestones of Sexual Development. (For instance, touch, empathy, trust, body image, gender identity, and so on.) Different readers’ families created problems at each Milestone. Readers absorb the book and highlight the parts that speak to them, personally, along with the workbook questions that challenge them the most.

Irene: In your practice, do you see more of one particular issue, than others? If so, what is it, and please explain why this particular issue is more prevalent?

Aline: Well, Irene, coming from a dysfunctional family can lead to just about every sexual dysfunction in the world, but I’ll comment on a few which I see frequently. The first is probably longstanding low sexual desire. People who grow up in families where there is very little tenderness, touch, caring, empathy, or safety have a hard time trusting in an emotional sense, and they also have an almost impossible time relaxing in their body. So it is common to meet people from difficult families who have never experienced sexual desire in their entire lives, because they have never allowed themselves to relax, breathe deeply, and allow sexual feelings and impulses to emerge and percolate through their bodies. They literally don’t know, can’t identify, and can’t even tolerate sexual feelings. So they don’t believe they can have sexual feelings.

Another typical effect of growing up with “non-sexual sexual abuse” is sexual addiction, especially in men. It is common for boys who grow up in unaffectionate, neglectful, emotionally abusive, or violent homes to discover masturbation as a way to self-soothe. When they were sad or scared, they masturbated. Having an orgasm is like a drug; it changes body chemistry and temporarily dulls painful feelings. It creates a habit of using sex as a crutch, a pattern where men feel that sex is their most important need or that sex is THE cure to unhappy feelings.

Irene: Your book is of importance for parents who want their children to grow up and have positive views of their sexuality. In what ways do you believe parents can affirm to their children that their bodies and their sexuality be accepted in a positive manner?

Aline: I think parents’ biggest obligation to their children is to address their own sexuality. How can you create a child with healthy sexuality if you aren’t comfortable using touch to soothe, or if you don’t feel happy in your own body, or if you think sex is dirty or scary, or if you believe all people of the opposite gender are evil or cruel? If your sexuality was damaged in your own family of origin, fix that first.

Abuse of all kinds goes down the generations. When you take the steps to stop denying what went wrong in your own family, when you have the courage to say “ouch!,” to get into therapy to change things, the buck stops with you. The brave person who goes into therapy and admits the pain he or she suffered can stop the cycle of abuse (of whatever kind) for all the generations which come after him or her.

Irene: I understand you saying that parents need to address their own sexual issues first. However, I would imagine some people don’t feel they have issues because they actually believe their beliefs about sex are correct. Some may even be influenced by religious beliefs. How do you propose to address these parents and have them be aware of the damage they are causing their children?

Aline: I think that most parents want their children to be able to grow up and enjoy being sexual once they are married. Conservative parents do want to make sure that children are celibate BEFORE marriage. I hope that SexSmart can get the word out to all parents about how important affectionate touch, empathy, and trust, and good power relationships are to children. If children are allowed to explore their own bodies, which is important, and if they also have these basic Milestones of Sexual Development, they will grow into sexually healthy adults. If you want to raise your child conservatively, I think you’ll find a lot of useful information about how to insure that your child turns out to be both responsive and responsible sexually as an adult.

Irene: Taking self-responsibility is the most important aspect of creating a healthy view of one’s own sexuality and what one does with it. Why do you believe that others often influence unhealthy views? What are some of the most common unhealthy views that our society has imposed upon us?

Aline: It is normal to be influenced by the people around us. It’s a fact of life. I wish that there were more normal looking people on TV and in the magazines. With all these thin, perfect, surgically enhanced, never-aging bodies around us, it’s hard for many women and men to feel that their own natural looking body is sexy enough. Sadly, a lot of people, women especially, seem to feel that only beautiful, thin women “deserve” to enjoy sex. Actually, as they say, the biggest sex organ is between your ears. How you feel about sexuality and being sexual is the most important determinant of whether you will feel sexual. Normal people have imperfect bodies. And imperfect bodies are perfectly able to feel sexual pleasure!

Irene: Yes, TV and magazines do portray a specific stature that our society seems to think is “normal.” So do books. A lot of the romance novels portray “sexy” women and men and readers escape by becoming the character. Why do you believe that people create their own reality through what they see or read?

Aline: Well, as far as we know, fantasizing seems to be a uniquely human trait. As long as it’s in balance, as long as people aren’t avoiding dealing constructively with issues in their own lives, there is nothing wrong with fantasizing. Sometimes, our fantasies help us see what our goals and dreams for ourselves are, in a way that can be constructive.

Irene: You want to reach specific populations with “Sex Smart.” Who do you think would benefit most by reading this book?

Aline: I would recommend SexSmart to anyone who is baffled about why you are who you are sexually, or for anyone who feels confused, unhappy, or ashamed of your sexuality.

I do think that SexSmart might hold a special key to understanding for certain kinds of readers: First, if you are someone who is terribly frightened of getting both sexually and emotionally close to another person, you can use SexSmart to understand your own fears.

Secondly, I hope to reach people affected by physical violence. SexSmart talks in detail about the changes violence caused in your Body Map, in your sense of trust, in your beliefs about gender relationships, and in creating anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Family violence may be common, unfortunately, but it is NOT normal, and it shuts down the ability to feel sexual pleasure in close relationships for many people.

Thirdly, if you feel you were destined NOT to have sexual feelings, SexSmart may help you understand why you feel that way. If your sense of being asexual is partly because of your family of origin, SexSmart can help you discover how to become more comfortable with feeling sexual stirrings in your body and toward others.Ironically, on the other hand, many people who have sexual compulsions, who feel insatiable sexual feelings, also find answers in SexSmart. Lastly, I want to reach people who grew up in homes where they suffered emotional abuse or neglect.

Irene: “Sex Smart” is not only a book to read, but also a workbook. Please give us a little insight about the workbook aspect of it.

Aline: As a therapist, I assign homework between sessions. Writing down feelings is an important part of processing them. I find that my patients make more progress in changing when they are active participants. They get more insights, and they move through pain faster. SexSmart is so full of information that unless readers highlight the text and choose and complete some of the exercises which fit them, they won’t get the full benefit. In the homework, I always make the reader write down what the positives are that they need to focus on–what they wished they had said or done, or what they need to do now to fix the problem. The homework can help the reader transform some sad memories and realizations into targeted plans for change.

I plead with you, readers, do the workbook! It’s kind of like when you have a vivid, detailed dream at night, and you want to get up and write it down, but you’re too lazy. And so you rationalize it and tell yourself, “Wow, that dream was so amazing, so unusual, so wild. I’ll be sure to remember it when I am up.’ And then, at 7:00AM, when the alarm goes off, you wake up and say, “Man, that was a wild dream I had last night. Something about a cake. Hmmm. Blue cake?? Hmm.”

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Is America Finished?

Can Gods judgment on America be avoided or has it already begun? And if it has already begun, can it be averted? There is little doubt that America is at odds with the Almighty God and in eminent danger of His wrath. We have collectively offended the righteousness of God and the stench of our immorality has dissipated in giant plumes all the way to heaven and has reached His nostrils. If America fails to heed the warning signs and turn from our evil ways then we will, indeed be destroyed and handed over to our enemies, just as the Israelites were in the biblical accounts of their judgment from God. However, there is good news. God always issues a warning before He judges nations. The opportunity to repent is usually offered, though rarely taken.

In the book of Amos the Israelites failed to repent and were conquered by the Assyrians and then made into slaves. In the book of Jonah the Ninevites heeded Jonah’s prophetic warning of judgment and, thus God withdrew His judgment and they were spared. America now stands at the same door the Israelites and Ninevites stood. We can repent, that means stop our evil practices and return to Gods will, or we can ignore the warnings and fall into Gods judgment. But what have we done to provoke Gods judgment, are we really that bad? Let us take an honest, and rather painful look at our true American face as seen in the reflection of Gods mirror of reality.

To begin with we have a blessed covenant with God. It is called the Mayflower Compact, written in 1620. In it our forefathers promised to glorify God and further the Christian faith. God in turned blessed this nation with great riches and power. Nearly four hundred years later we have become a complacent land of God haters who wear an old worn out mask disguising ourselves as a Christian nation. With every speech our political leaders end with “May God bless America” and when we feel patriotic we all gather and sing “God Bless America”. According to recent surveys 80% of the United States population is Christian. Isn’t that awesome? We live in a Christian Utopia, over run with goodness, love, peace, and unending service to fellow man. Obviously I am being sarcastic. Truth is for a country that is majority Christian we don’t look like it, we don’t act like it, and we certainly don’t vote like it.

Over the last one hundred years we have all but abandoned God and all His ways. Oh, sure there are a lot of good Christians that live and serve God in America, but there were also good followers of God in Israel in 700 BC when Amos brought warning of Gods judgment because the nation as a whole were not living in accordance with Gods laws. So too Americans as a whole are not living in accordance with Gods laws. But what exactly has America done that is bringing this judgment upon us?

1.Rejection of Gods Authority – America has removed God from the schools and made it illegal for teachers to pray with their students. We have made Gods word a banned curriculum in public schools. Further more we have created laws that are aggressively removing God from all public places and may soon remove “In God We Trust” from our currency.

2.Sexual Immorality – America is the #1 source of pornography in the world. We actively objectify men, women, and children for the sexual gratification of a wicked worlds perverse desires. This abuse and destruction of millions of Gods children is all done in the name of greed for money. America has embraced Homosexuality as a natural lifestyle and thus have allowed men and women to marry. This is an abomination to God strictly warned against in the Bible.

(Deuteronomy 23:17; 1 Kings 14:24;15:12;22:46; 2 Kings 23:7; Job).

3.Greed – America has become a land of Billionaires. Our greatest strength was capitalism. Every man has the opportunity to be a millionaire if he works hard enough. We have become drunk with our desire for riches. This has led to thievery, deception, rampant fraud and exploitation of the poor. 2% of Americas population controls 98% of all the wealth. This screams exploitation of the masses. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. Even so even our middle and lower class citizens are rich compared to other people in the world, such as Ethiopia or the Dominican Republic, and we don’t share. We hoard our wealth or spend every last dime on ourselves. Credit card debt is out of control in America. According to the Federal Reserve as of 2012 Americans owe 850.7 Billion dollars in credit card debt. We are spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need!

4.Murder – In 1973 as a result of Roe v Wade the United States of America made abortion legal and a right protected by law. America has been condoning the murder of millions of unborn children ever since. According to a 2008 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention we are murdering nearly 1 million babies every year. God is the author of life. This offense alone could bring America crashing down.

5.Complacency of the Church – The American church has grown lethargic and passive. We set idly by while all of these issues fester and pollute the nation. The American church has strong numbers, yet refuses to rise up. The Christian vote and boycott power could change the nation and the world. Unfortunately we don’t unite for change, because we have become lukewarm. Therefore we will be held accountable as having condoned these atrocities against God.

In Revelation Jesus says to the lukewarm church that He will vomit them from His mouth. In other words Jesus finds them disgusting. America isn’t just lukewarm, we are ice cold and God finds us disgusting. The statement that America is a majority Christian nation isn’t just a stretch, it is a huge lie. We are lying to ourselves because we want to see ourselves as good, but we don’t really want to be good. Why? Because we are living in an environment of constant pleasure. Fast food, 24/7 entertainment, financial wealth, rampant sexual immorality, and high speed Internet that puts the world at our finger tips in a millisecond. We are too busy, and too drunk on pleasure to truly consider Gods will over ours.

I don’t believe the average person truly wants God in their lives. Even though a relationship with God is a pleasure beyond description, many truly view it as an intrusion upon their will. Its the mind set and influence of Satan. We want to be gods. Sound weird? It really isn’t if you peel back the layers and analyze it. After all with all this media and instant pleasure, haven’t we really set ourselves up as little gods of our own realm? What with instant knowledge and main stream media and all? Do we really think we can go on this way and escape Gods judgment? Rome didn’t, Russia didn’t, and more importantly Israel didn’t. God delivered His judgment upon Israel and they were conquered by their enemies and scattered in the wind. Israel was warned by the Prophet Amos that Gods judgment was coming and urged them to repent for exploitation of the poor and sexual immorality, but they refused to listen and were conquered by the Assyrians and led into slavery.

Gods judgment is always preceded with warnings and a chance to repent. If Israel had only listened to Amos and repented then they would have been spared the atrocities of the Assyrian armies, they would have continued to prosper, and the temple would not have been destroyed.

On the other hand in the book of Jonah we see a completely different response to Gods warning of coming judgment, and thus a completely different out come. The Ninevites listened to Jonah and were spared Gods judgment. They repented their sins from the King all the way down to the man in the street.

Jonah 3: 6-10 – 6 When Jonah’s warning reached the king of Nineveh, he rose from his throne, took off his royal robes, covered himself with sackcloth and sat down in the dust. 7 This is the proclamation he issued in Nineveh: “By the decree of the king and his nobles: Do not let people or animals, herds or flocks, taste anything; do not let them eat or drink. 8 But let people and animals be covered with sackcloth. Let everyone call urgently on God. Let them give up their evil ways and their violence. 9 Who knows? God may yet relent and with compassion turn from his fierce anger so that we will not perish.” 10 When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, he relented and did not bring on them the destruction he had threatened.

Could you imagine the President of the United States doing that? Issuing an emergency order that all Americans are to fast and pray. All are to give up their evils ways. That means no drunkenness, sexual freedom, greed and lust for money, and exploiting the poor. In short we would willingly give up our hedonistic life styles. Yea right! That would mean we would have to official acknowledge that Gods way is the right way and anyone living to the contrary is wrong. If that idea was even murmured in Washington, or anywhere else it would be shot down and condemned immediately. We falsely believe that we live in a world where there is no such thing as wrong as it pertains to lifestyles, if we chose it. I am firmly convinced that Americans, as well as the rest of the world, would rather go down in flames rather than live one second without their fleshly pleasures.

This is what the Lord says to the United States of America:

“Every kingdom on earth is temporal, and only exists because God has allow them to. Just as every kingdom exists because of God, so too does every man live and breath because God has allowed it. America has been richly blessed by God. It has been given great power and wealth because it has called upon the Lord and proclaimed Him as great! She has glorified the Lord for a wicked world to see and has pleased the Lord greatly. Even so she too has now grown evil and become a stumbling block to the world. She has abandoned her blessings and thrown them into the face of the Lord. She has set herself up as an enemy to God. The heart of the Lord has grown weary and very troubled with her. The patience of the Almighty God have been exhausted. America must repent and return to the Lord and all His good and proper ways. Abandon your evil, wicked and detestable ways and return unto Mine. Repent to the Lord or you shall be handed over to your enemies and thus become a foot stool unto the world!”

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